When we ship international, we provide you a customs label number. You should contact your local customs office with that number.

Yes and no. USPS International Priority Mail can only track up to the last port with in USA. We were told they are working to improve the tracking to the destination.

Our standard brown card board box is 8x6x4 inches, for up to 7 packs. Beyond 8 packs we use standard USPS priority mail white box with above same dimensions. If you order 11-20 packs expect in a USPS priority mail shoe box 14x7x6 inches. In most cases none of these boxes may not fit in your regular mail box. So check your mail holding box or at your door, or rental/leasing office.

Tricky situation. Once USPS delivered there isn’t much we can do as a vendor. That’s the reason we pay for delivery confirmation. In most cases they leave it at rental office or by mistake at a different door. You may want to coordinate with your mail carrier.

Sweatex is a self sticking, disposable underarm sweat pad that absorbs sweat and odors.

It’s hard to say but absorbs enough sweat in a given work day.

Yes. It is designed to fit any size.

Of course. Sweatex is designed for all clothing.

Yes. Sweatex sweat pads are for women, men and children. Anyone who has a sweat problem can use it.

Sweatex is designed with self sticking backing. That means you just peel off the back paper and stick inside of your shirt/blouse, in the underarm area just like a sticker. Please see instructions here.
How to use sweatex sweat pads

To improve the sticking all you have to do is, apply more pressure on the pad once it is in place. The harder you press the better it sticks. Some customers reported using hot iron.

Yes. It won’t cause damage to any clothing.

No. Please remove the pad and discard after each use. Do not store or wash garment with sweat pads attached.

No. Sweatex sweat pads are disposable only.

Generally for a whole work day. Depends on how much you sweat and how long you wear your dress.

No. Not at all. Sweatex materials are hypo-allergenic but coated with mild aloe scent.

Sweatex sweat pads are coated with mild aloe scent. Aloe smells good!

In the rare case of refunds, we refund to your PayPal account, after deducting the shipping charges. For example if your order was over 8 Sweatex packs and shipping WAS free to you, we still deduct the shipping charges incurred by us.

Yes. It is natural for this kind of soft product to be bent and crumpled. But pads still work as advertised.