Disposable Underarm Sweat Pads

Over 1 million sold! The best underarm pads for your money!
Don't be fooled by the cheap alternatives. Sweatex is disposable, thin, self sticking underarm dress pad that absorbs excessive underarm sweat . This incredibly inexpensive and comfortable pad is the latest from VNS Innovations. No straps to tie, no bulk to show through and virtually no maintenance. One size fits all. Just stick it on and forget it! Now only 2.99$5.99-50% OFF Order Now
underarm sweat stains

Save big on dry cleaning bills!

Feel confident in social gatherings !

Sweat is the cause of immense discomfort in social situations. When it comes to looking sharp, there is nothing more uncomfortable than lifting your arms to reveal yellow, pit stained cloths. Sure we all sweat. Its our body’s natural way of cooling down.

Unfortunately in addition to cooling off, sweat marks leave cloths stained, smelly and drab- a real bummer when you’ve shelled out good money for your wardrobe.

Enter Sweatex, the most selling under arm sweat pad, around the globe.
Stained shirt

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Just peel off the back paper, stick it inside your shirt and forget it!

Just peel off the back paper, stick it inside of your underarm area of your shirt/blouse. Wear your shirt normally. That's all! Sweatex sweat pad is so thin you won't feel using it. It's discreet and not visible through your clothes. peel of the backing paper, stick it inside instructions
How to use sweat pads